About me

Hthr is a graphic designer based out of Waterloo, Ontario. Passionate about the process of design, she uses an explorative, in-depth method producing compelling designs for chosen clientele. Strengths include spatial sense and balance and, naturally, typography and concept. This method is described simply as Design Science.

The divisions of this method are:


designs move the viewer to react or act in the appropriate manner according to the message.


designs and their constituent parts interact and combine to create a message greater and other than the individual elements.


designs use measured and exact divisions and structure to deliver complex messages, they use space to build a cohesive, digestable and compelling message.


designs take into account the behaviours of the viewer as well as physical anatomy apparent in the process of seeing and reading.


there is a consideration of medium before preparation of message. Other considerations include ink, substrate or stock, printing and finishing processes.


every constituent piece of a design has thorough reasoning behind its placement and implementation relating to the idea or message brought forth by the brand or intended idea or message.


designs can be easily received as per the nature of ideas and language. Each design has its own individual philosophy as well as an encompassing idea governing all works.